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 The Story behind

In this collection, I unveil a tapestry of emotion through oil, my primary medium for a visceral exploration of color and form. These paintings are an intimate revelation of my journey through the abstract, a place where bold strokes and subtle hues collide and converse. Each piece is a fragment of my artistic narrative, an unspoken dialogue between my inner world and the canvas that patiently bears it.

From the chaos of brushstrokes emerges a harmonious disorder, a carefully orchestrated symphony of the spontaneous and the structured. This is where my passion for the abstract lyricism of oils finds its voice, offering a visual feast that invites you to look closer, to feel the energy of creation, and to find your own reflections within these layered depths.

Welcome to a world where the vibrant heartbeat of my creative spirit is visible in every textured layer and nuanced sweep. These oil paintings are not just art; they are the very pulsations of my soul made visible, each inviting you into the depths of my contemplative engagement with the canvas.

Oil on canvas Gallery

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